Music and Hymns

Whilst not all funeral services include traditional hymns, most services include some type of music.

Choice of music

The choice of music at a funeral service is a very personal one. You may wish to include pieces by your loved one’s favourite artist, a piece to help those present reflect on their loss, or a piece that brings back memories of happier times.

It is now common to include a piece of music as processional music at the start of the service and as recessional music as people leave. A live performance, for example from a singer, choir or band is also becoming increasingly common.

Your funeral director, minister or funeral celebrant can support you in making arrangements for your chosen music.


Many families opting for a traditional funeral service select 2 or 3 favourite hymns to be sung by the congregation at the funeral. Many churches, chapels and crematoria provide hymn books for this, or hymn words can be printed in your order of service.

Because of the many variations of hymns it is essential that, as far as possible, the version printed in the order of service should match those of the hymn books found in that place of worship. The words of some hymns are often modified in some minor way or even verses added or omitted entirely. The Arthur W. Bryant Funeral Service can support you with this, checking the chosen hymns against the hymn book in the relevant church, chapel or place of worship.

Click here for the titles of more than 200 popular hymns which may give you some ideas when making the selection for your loved one.