Coffins and Caskets

Coffins come in various styles and materials and can be adapted to suit the type of committal that you have chosen for your loved one.

Our ‘Windsor’ range offers a choice of oak effect or oak veneered coffins with nickel or brass metal effect handles. Classic Victorian and Georgian styles are also available.

The Tudor range offers coffins made of solid wood panels in either mahogany or oak.

To see our full range of traditional coffins please click here.

With the increasing interest in more environmentally friendly options we have seen a rise in the popularity of wicker, cardboard and woollen coffins. Our range of wicker and sea grass coffins and caskets come in a range of styles and finishes, whilst our cardboard coffins can be customised in a style of your choice.

Another modern style of coffin is the ‘Colourful Coffin’. These can be supplied in a range of themes representing, for example a favourite location or pastime. You can even create your own design using an original photograph or drawing.