Choosing a burial or cremation

The decision as to whether to commit your loved one via burial or cremation is a very personal one and may be influenced by factors such as family tradition, culture and religious beliefs. Your loved one may have made their wishes clear prior to their passing.


There are several crematoria within Devon and Cornwall, with the most local being North Devon Crematorium in Barnstaple and Glynn Valley Crematorium in Bodmin. All crematoria offer a space to hold a funeral service, some offering a choice of a larger or smaller chapel to accommodate different numbers of mourners. A service at the crematorium can be led by a minister of religion, a non religious funeral celebrant, or even members of the family. The style and format of the service can be completely adapted to suit your wishes. The crematorium will also have a ‘garden of remembrance’ where cremated remains can be buried or scattered following the cremation. At The Arthur W. Bryant Funeral Service, we can guide you through the documentation necessary for a cremation to proceed. Your funeral director will also explain the regulations surrounding cremation, for example, the restrictions on items that may be cremated with the person.


When considering burial, the first decision will be where this will take place. Your loved one may have wished to be interred in a local churchyard or cemetery. We can support you with the choice of plot and offer advice on the purchase or reopening of a family grave. Increasingly, people are also considering ‘Natural Burial’ options which may have less impact on the environment. Natural Burial sites aim to create and sustain habitats for wildlife, for example by planting trees. If considering a natural burial, there are rules regarding the types of coffin which can be used. Your funeral director will discuss these options with you.

Whether you choose a cremation or burial, The Arthur W. Bryant Funeral Service will guide and support you in planning and arranging the funeral service.

Once a date and time for the service has been set, you may wish to publicise this in local or national newspapers. We can help you to prepare a notice and send this to the newspaper on your behalf.