Funeral arrangements

Making funeral arrangements can be an emotional task and we are here to support you by taking care of all the practical arrangements, following your wishes and those of your loved one.

Funeral arrangements are highly personal; some people choose a simple funeral whilst others prefer a more elaborate service.

When planning a funeral, it is important that the person making the arrangements can give instructions and make decisions regarding the funeral details.

You may make the funeral arrangements at your home, one of our comfortable offices in The Southwest or another location, such as a solicitor’s office or friend’s home.

When arranging a funeral, we will discuss various choices with you including:

  • Whether there will be a burial or cremation
  • Where the funeral will take place – church, chapel, crematorium or elsewhere.

We will then liaise with the necessary parties to agree a date and time for the service, to meet your requirements.

We will also need to know the following details about your loved one:

  • Their full name, address and date of birth
  • The name and contact details of their doctor
  • Whether a death certificate has been issued

Our experienced staff will guide you through all of the other options and funeral arrangements, including:

We will assist you in the completion of all documentation and make all necessary arrangements with those officiating the service, together with the cemetery or crematorium, as required.

We will then provide you with written confirmation of all the funeral arrangements, together with a detailed estimate of the costs.