We always have time to sit down with a family and help them choose an appropriate memorial for their loved one. A memorial can be fixed from around 9 – 12 months after a full burial, or sooner following the interment of cremated remains.

Memorials can come in a vast amount of shapes and sizes from a book style tablet to a traditional churchyard stone.

There are also a wide variety of materials and finishes to choose from including black and grey granite, slate and marble. The Arthur W. Bryant Funeral Service can offer advice on choosing an appropriate memorial, adhering to the regulations set by the particular cemetery or churchyard.

Click HERE to view the entire range of memorials as supplied by Odlings Ltd. Odlings Ltd are specialist trade suppliers of granite, marble and stone memorials.

We can also add new inscriptions to existing memorials or refurbish weathered headstones. Please find more details regarding this here.