Over 50s say Queen’s funeral made them think about their own plans

Research carried out by OnePoll asked 1,000 people aged 50 and above whether the Royal Funeral made them consider their own arrangements.

The survey commissioned by pre-paid funeral plan provider, Ecclesiastical Planning Services, revealed that almost a quarter (23%) did indeed consider their own mortality and in particular their final wishes following the live broadcast of the State Funeral. This was highest across the younger age ranges, up to age 65. 67% of respondents revealed that the Queen’s funeral did not make them consider their own funeral arrangements and a further 10% weren’t sure. 

Queen Elizabeth’s funeral included many personal touches such as the presence of her beloved dogs and fell pony, Emma. The military theme reflected her lifetime of service and dedication and the lone piper at the service was also very poignant.

The service also included multiple locations and a procession, as well as a floral wreath with significant meaning including a sprig of myrtle, a flower used in the late Queen’s wedding bouquet and a handwritten note from King Charles. Members of the Royal Family were also part of the funeral and preceding period of national mourning.

It is not then surprising that for some people, the Royal Funeral made them consider their own funeral wishes and how they might want to be remembered. Anyone that has arranged a funeral will understand the number of decisions that need to be made. Even the choice of date and time can be complicated, especially when travel arrangements are factored in. Other major decisions include whether to opt for a cremation or burial and whether to have flowers and/or charitable donations.

Emma Simpson, Marketing Manager at Ecclesiastical Planning Services, said “As a pre-paid funeral plan provider, we encourage people to consider planning ahead, which can be as simple as discussing funeral wishes with others. This can significantly reduce worry and anxiety for those left behind when the time comes.”

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